Weight Gain and Menopause

Weight gain and menopause - Between the ages of forty-seven and fifty-two, many women start to experience the normal part of aging as a woman called menopause. The reduction of hormones like progesterone and estrogen starts this process. As the procedure continues, a woman will ultimately lose these hormones entirely.

Several things will start to change during menopause. Most women have trouble concentrating on tasks that they used to treasure. Many have periods of dreadful moods swings. Most expeirence hot flashes and night sweats which can be fatiguing. Others deal with joint pain and headaches on a normal basis. Most women complain about having a hard time sleeping. One of the most dreaded problems is weight gain and menopause. In recent years, many scientific studies have been completed to examine the links between weight gain and menopause to discern how women can prevent this difficulty.

One captivating study suggested that as a woman loses estrogen and progesterone, two of the most essential hormones in her body, she will be predisposed to gain additional weight because the production of these hormones means that she is no longer burning the calories that she once was. Furthermore, because most women feel exhausted and generally unhealthy during this time of change, she does not tend to be as motivated to stay with her regular exercise program.

Add to this the reality that her condition brings on a sudden want of her usual comfort foods which likely includes calorically heavy meals and desserts rich in calories, and you have definite weight gain on your hands. Additionally, most women who have already experienced menopause have also experienced a decline in their metabolism, which means even additional retained calories.

All of these factors can also make it very hard for a woman who is experiencing menopause to lose the weight she has gained. Losing weight during menopause is definitely achievable, but it has to be undertaken as a serious challenge.

The most essential change a woman can make in her life is to work with her resting energy expenditure, which is scientifically called her at rest metabolic rate. To hold your healthy weight, the at rest metabolic rate must account for more than seventy percent of the energy you use on a day-to-day basis. Because this rate depends on an individual's muscle mass, the at rest metabolic rate will diminish as a woman gets older and loses her muscle mass.

If you want to avoid weight gain and menopause, you have to make several dietary changes first. Don't turn to your usual high calorie foods to comfort you during this rough time. Your diet should mainly consist of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, brown rice, bread, and flour.

You should also change the way you eat. Consider four to five undersized meals each day. Each of your meals should be balanced and healthy. This will help your weight to disappear and stay gone. Proper exercise can also help you fight the weight gain. Additionally, proper exercise can contribute to helping you feel well during this tough time.

Preventing weight gain and menopause is as basic as losing weight during any other point in your life. You must consume fewer calories than your burn during your normal exercise routine. Try to avoid all fast food, and start by walking thirty minutes each day. These two simple things alone can help you to strenghten your heart muscles and feel better about your life. Talk to your physician if you are apprehensive about your weight gain, and the two of you can set up a program that might work best for you.

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