Menopause Night Sweats

Menopause night sweats - Menopause is simply a natural part of a female's life cycle. Nonetheless, menopause comes with a number of different symptoms. More than fifty percent of women experience some kind of sleep disturbance, including night sweats, during menopause.

While hot flashes take place during the day for most women, for lots of others, those hot flashes come on at night. This can mean that a woman awakens feeling a flushing sensation. She is usually drentched with sweat. Because of these things, she may think that she needs to shower, change her clothes, and possibly even change the sheets of the bed because they, too, are drenched.

Night sweats, though, are not the only factor in sleep problems for women. As women start to hit middle age, somewhere between forty and sixty years old, studies indicate that many have difficultty remaining asleep through the night. Several of those same studies show that hormone levels have a part in being able to remain asleep.

For instance, the hormone melatonin, secreted by the pineal gland, changes its level in a woman's body as she ages. Melatonin changes the sleep patterns our bodies experience. In reality, many researches have managed to show melatonin as a remedy for jet lag, insomnia, and sleeping problems experienced by shift workers. Women taking melatonin in conjunction with menopause notice fewer sleep problems.

Prescribing melatonin, though, may not be the appropriate way to treat menopause related sleep disturbances such as night sweats. It can have some serious side effects on some people, particularly if it is ingested in great amounts. People who take steroid type drugs should not take melatonin. Anyone who has allergies or auto-immune disorders should not take melatonin. Women, who might want to conceive in the future, which is not normally an issue for menopausal women, ought stay away from melatonin as well.

Melatonin has even been known to bring about depression in some people. Because the body does make its own melatonin, adding too much to your body can cause its supply to turn off. In spite of the risks, though, it can aid some people. You should talk with your physician before using it, though. Remember that less is better in this case. Taking only three milligrams per day is more than one hundred times the quantity of melatonin the body naturally produces, so you have to be careful. Remember, also, that your natural production of melatonin changes with the daylight and the darkness. So if your bedroom is close to floodlights, your natural production may be affected.

There are alternate treatment options for sleep disorders such as night sweats) during menopause. Studies have shown that sage, bioflavonoids, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin E work perfectly well at reducing the problem. One supplement we've found that contains the vitamins and supplements to help with night sweats and other menopause symptoms is Total Balance Women's Premium from X-tend Life.

We take Total Balance ourselves and are very satisfied with the quality of life it provides.

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