Menopause Signs

Menopause signs- Menopause is a natural life process for women. It usually occurs in your early or mid-forties, and, distressingly, it is accompanied by a number of symptoms that can be fully concerning to many women. Learning to identify those symptoms, though, is your major step to learning to cope with this new season in your life.

One of the first menopause signs most women see is unusual or missed periods. When menopause starts to come on, the estrogen and progesterone levels, stimulated by the ovaries, are seriously decreased. This means that the ovaries no longer get the sign to release the egg, which means that a woman will many times notice a disruption in her usual monthly period.

After puberty, the only disruptions that take place in the monthly cycle occur because of diseases or other problems with the ovaries or pregnancy. However, once menopause begins to come about, it is not unusual to experience serious disruptions with regard to your monthly period.

Another traditional menopause sign of is a hot flash. More than seventy five percent of women who go through menopause experience hot flashes, in varying degrees of harshness. This makes a woman feel flush. For instance, she can be standing in a room that is not quite seventy degrees, but she will overwhelmingly feel as if someone has turned the temperature up to ninety degrees. In the very next moment, though, she may feel as if the room is just forty degrees, and she is promptly shivering.

These hot flashes can be accompanied by other menopause signs like dizziness, heart palpitations, or faintness. Most hot flashes last up to ten minutes, but not all women experience them to that terrible degree. Some women simply acknowledge them and move on.

Hot flashes are caused when they hypothalamus, a part of the brain, cannot correctly regulate the woman's body temperature because of the extreme hormone fluctuations. Poor diet and stress levels in the woman's body have been shown to have a negative effect on the entire process. Most women will experience this symptom for five to six years, though some women have them for the ten to twenty years prior and following menopause.

Hot flashes usually lead to another normal menopause sign, insomnia. Because hot flashes can occur both during the day and through the night, many women will find that they awaken drenched in their own sweat. Many times they must get up to change their clothing and their sheets to escape the level of sweat that the body has produced. If a woman is a light sleeper anyway, and most are after they have children, it can be impossible for her to fall asleep again. Interestingly enough, though, night sweats aren't the only thing that cause these sleep disturbances. The hormone levels in the blood also have an effect on the quality of a woman's sleep. Controlling these hormone levels can sometimes eliminate sleep difficulties.

Learning to identify the ordinary menopause signs can help you learn to deal with them on a much healthier focus. Be sure to contact your doctor if any of your symptoms are causing serious problems in your life.

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