E Vitamin Functions

The E vitamin functions are numerous and highly beneficial to your health and healthy living. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and anti-carcinogen as well as anti-aging supplement. Some studies suggest Vitamin E may slow down the aging process & prevent premature aging by protecting our cells and extending their useful life.

Vitamin E is utilized by the most of the tissues in our body. Vitamin E is stored muscles, fat tissue, high concentrations are found in the pituitary gland, adrenal gland and testes. The E vitamin functions by using the Vitamin E stored in these tissue to fight off the free radicals we encounter every day.

Due to its antioxidant capabilities Vitamin E protects our body from carbon, lead, mercury, tetrachloride, the ozone, nitrous oxide and other carcinogens.

The E vitamin functions by preventing the formation of nitrosamines from nitrates and nitrates found in cured meats, cigarette smoke and polluted air. (According to Webster nitrosamines are "any of various neutral compounds which are characterized by the grouping NNO and some of which are powerful carcinogens", ugh!)

Vitamin E is amazing; it's able to prevent the rancidity caused by the oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs for short) and thus preventing the free radical damage that can result from ingesting PUFAs.

There is definitely a synergy with selenium (another antioxidant) and E vitamin functions to protect Vitamin A and C from oxidizing, thus keeping them potent in our body. Vitamin E also helps to increase the levels of some free radical fighting enzymes in our body.

Studies indicate Vitamin E appears to protect form lung, esophageal, and colorectal (relating to or involving both the colon and the rectum) cancer and possibly cancer of the cervix and breast.

In the blood Vitamin E rejuvenate the blood and strengthens capillary walls, adequate Vitamin E in the body means the body is getting all the oxygen needed for healthy functioning. Vitamin E helps to thin the blood without interfering with the normal clotting activities. There are many studies indicating the benefits of vitamin E for heart disease prevention and how it allows the blood to flow easier making it less prone to the plaque buildups associated with a heart attack or stroke.

The E vitamin functions to help skin and scar tissue heal, many stories are out there about how burn victims are given large does of Vitamin E and the results are amazing. It is also used for internal healing after surgery and been proven to reduce scar tissue after surgery. It has been shown to reduce old scars to almost nothing. Vitamin E is amazing.

Vitamin E is capable of keeping your LDL ('BAD') cholesterol from being oxidized, less oxidized cholesterol means less plaque, resulting in lower heart disease risk.

Vitamin E has also been shown to promote proper growth of the placenta in pregnant women, thus lessening the chance of miscarriages.

Besides E vitamin functions check out the facts about Vitamin E

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