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Welcome and thanks for your interest in your own health and well being. I'm Jeff Kimball the senior editor and owner of The-Vitamin-and-Supplement-Guide.com.

About 18 years ago I started having health challenges; mainly sinus infections and ear infections. My ears would get so infected the ear duct would close tight for weeks at a time, this made hearing difficult and my balance was always off.

I sought treatment from my family physician and the specialist he recommended. At that time the answer was simple, for sinus and ear infections they prescribed antibiotics. The antibiotics would work for the two weeks of the prescription and in the third week the infections would return.

I went through this cycle for about a year and each time my physician would prescribe a stronger antibiotic. The last one I took the doctor said this one should work "it kills everything", and it did! (I didn't know it at the time but I was starting to experience antibiotic poisoning, a reason you see physicians less likely to prescribe antibiotics as frequently as they use to)

The next year I started having different health challenges. I was having trouble staying awake; in fact if driving I could easily fall asleep at a stoplight. If I got to tired I would pull off into a parking lot, lock the doors, set my alarm clock I carried in the car and sleep for an hour.

I would catch colds easier and even had pneumonia twice. I started to pass out usually at night or in the shower. This scared my wonderful wife to death and usually got me a trip to the emergency room; where they were convinced I was having a heart attack but could never find anything wrong.

After I passed out in the shower and hit my arm, nearly breaking it, I went back to my family doctor and explained all that was happening and that I felt as if I was a walking dead person. His assessment of the situation was I must be experiencing depression and wanted to put me on Prozac!!

That's when I blew-up and explained in my 20's I had went through a period of overworking and high stress that resulted in depression and what I was experiencing and feeling wasn't depression! I walked out of his office determined to find the answer because I felt like I had no life left in me.

A business associate/mentor of mine at the time recommended I go see a naturopath and he referred me to a private naturopath that was accepting new patients at the time. She was private because the FDA regulations and other bureaucratic paperwork drove here public practice into the ground.

I made an appointment and filled out a five page questionnaire about all my health habits; I did not give this to my naturopath until the end of my first appointment. At my first appointment she read my eye (Iridology- the science and practice of determining the condition of organs and systems in the body through examining the iris of the eye). She literally looked into my eye and started taking notes.

After sometime she sat back and proceeded to describe my health challenges including sinus infections, ear infections, falling asleep frequently, passing out, colds, and even a few things I never had told anybody. She informed me I had no Adrenal system, my digestion was that of man in his 80's and my immune system was badly damaged. I was shocked because I still hadn't given her my 5 page questionnaire.

I asked her if she could help me. She answered, "Yes, but it would take 5 years and wanted to know if I was willing to stick with it for 5 years following her guidance". I made the commitment I would do it. I started on an Adrenal supplement that day and I still take it today.

This is when I started to learn about vitamins and supplements. I had to study and research nutrition, vitamins and supplements to better understand what she was prescribing and how to best use it.

Five years later, she was right, I have an adrenal system and I fight most everything off with vitamins and supplements. That's why as you read through this website I recommend a balance supplement called Total Balance a lot; this supplement comes closest to everything I researched in the last 8 years on the proper vitamin and supplements to take. Be sure to read the "what we take" page.

My friends and my wife knew I had gathered a lot of knowledge about vitamins and supplements and encouraged me to start The-Vitamin-and-Supplement-Guide.com website. That's how I got started doing something I enjoy greatly.

I must admit I have the occasional help of a contributing editor that is a consultant to the vitamin industry. Together we work to make this site as accurate as possible.

I welcome any comments feel free to e-mail me.


Jeff Kimball
Senior Editor
E-mail: jeff@the-vitamin-and-supplement-guide.com

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