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The Vitamin and Supplement Guide Spotlight, Issue #001 -- The Importance of Taking Vitamins
February 18, 2009

The Importance of Taking Vitamins

Welcome to the first issue of The Spotlight our goal is to provide you with health and wellness information so you can have a higher quality of life. This issue we will cover the importance of taking vitamins.

Practically, every person has a family history record that comprises of never-ending diseases such as heart disease, diabetes or cancer; therefore it’s normal for you to have questions regarding nutrition supplements such as vitamins and supplements.

There is a lot you can do to avoid illness with the help of nutrition and vitamins. The best news is that with the best possible nutrition, including vitamins, you can change your life style to ensure it is improved.

A lot has been discussed in the news lately about whether taking a day by day multivitamin/mineral (MVM) is a good or a bad idea and how vitamins affect your own life. Given that half of all Americans are currently taking MVM’s, the National Institute of Health decided to set up a board to move towards some agreement as to whether this is a good idea at least against chronic diseases.

There are constantly two sides to this question, and trying to provide Americans a one-size-fits-all key in the shape of a multivitamin is not particularly the best solution. But one thing everybody should and has the right to know is the importance of taking vitamins. Many health professionals think a daily multivitamin will bring you hundreds of benefits in improved health.

So why are so many people still ignorant of the significance of taking vitamins? Why is there constant debate over vitamin protection and the prescribed amounts? Why isn't ordinary nutrition enough? What connection is there between stress and vitamins?

On top of our uncertain daily eating routines, our body faces a huge amount of outside stress factors that are beyond our control commonly referred to as free radicals. No matter if ecological or emotional, these free radicals cause more harm than our bodies were designed for. They also cause our bodies’ to use up more and more nutritional requirements, vitamins and minerals.

Our food sources contain less and less nutrition value due to the processing it goes through and the depletion of the nutrients in the soil we use to grow our food.

Ecological problems such as toxic substances, hormones in our food, air smog, radiation and pesticides and chlorine in the food chain and water are only small pieces of the artificial exposure we all face.

Fast junk food has been found to include traces of over 100 pesticides for instance. These chemicals weigh down our liver with the task of detoxifying our bodies. This uses up a good part of our essential supplies of natural vitamins.

To this day many of us are convinced that every person should take a pharmaceutical-grade vitamin to keep their health at an optimum level.

This is the main reason I take and continue to recommend Xtend-life Total Balance Vitamin Supplements. I’ve taken these supplements for over 5 years and I’m in better health now than ever before. I cover them in great detail throughout The-Vitamin-and

Until next time, yours in good health!

Jeff Kimball

Editor of The-Vitamin-and

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